Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summary Post C4K 7,8,9,10

We had several blog posts to read this time. We read from students and teachers. I enjoyed reading each blog and seeing what imagination these kids have.

 Blog Post # 7 Lesson Three – 9:23

The student's blog post from Mr. McClung's Class
This week our track team attended their first meet of the season in Bentonville. Overall we had a pretty good showing as a team, but I would be re-missed if I didn’t acknowledge the performance of my distances runners for that evening.
·         Our 4×800m team of Jordan Pilkington, Luke Renner, Andrew Henry, and Ramsey Jones finished first with a time of 9:23.
·         Ramsey Jones finished 3rd overall in the 800m run with a time of 2:17 and 3rd overall in the mile with a time of 5:12.
·         Luke Renner finished 8th in the 800m run with a time of 2:22.
·         Patrick Ragan finished 20th overall in the mile with a personal best time of 5:44.
This was an excellent first meet for us as a team and we are only looking to get better and stronger as the season continues.

I responded and told them that I am not to familiar with track but I know that it takes hard work and dedication and that I was proud of their team.

Blog Post #8
This week was a class of ten and eleven year olds. The following is the blog. 
This week we had a lot of hard work but it  was worth it as we learned a lot of new information and we increased our knowledge. This week i learned about the UN and WTO. I learned that the UN stands for the United Nations and that WTO stands for TheWorld Trade Organization. I also learned about what the UN is and same for the WTOas they all help our world. I also learned about Journalisim writing and we did a report. I thought I did very well, thanks to this website: I also learned about angles and how to measure them and why they are useful. Also in maths we learned about lots of different types of diagrams such as a Carrol diagrams and Venn diagrams.

Thanks KH

Below is my comment back:

Hi my name is Lara Bishop and I am in EDM 310 at the University Of South Alabama.One of my assignments was to read and comment on your blog. As a future teacher I absolutely love your blog. I really love that you are so passionate about learning so much this week. I also want to be a writing teacher and I love writing. This is why I looked up the website you provided. I really liked that and I will save that to share in my classroom one day. You keep up the great work because education is something that will stay with you forever and it is great to always continue to learn.

Blog Post #9
Mrs. Yollis is a 3rd grade teacher of  24 years and an amazing one at that. Her blog was about her class blogging and how she uses it in her class blog and incorporates the parents into the class. I commented back to Mrs. Yollis and told her how much I loved her idea of blogging and the safety that she introduces with it and how she has inspired me to incorporate blogging into my own class. Mrs. Yollis is an absolutely amazing teacher. 


Blog post #10

Miriams  blog was about her vacation to Hawaii and kayaking to captain Hook Monument. She had several pictures of her vacation and her kayaking and being close to the dolphins. she had a beautiful vacation and displayed beautiful pictures to show us that, I also told her that I was kind of jealous and that I wanted to go and see Hawaii and those dolphins. I also told her that I was proud that she was given an opportunity to go somewhere so beautiful. 

Wow that was our final comment for kids. I will most definitely continue to follow these students and the teachers. 

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