Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog post 13

ALEX stands for Alabama learning exchange. There you can navigate to many different sites such as lesson plans, podcast, web links and much more. This site can be used by teachers, students, or anyone wanting to just learn. it's an awesome site with many resources for teaching and learning. I absolutely loved the lesson plans section. You can go there and get ideas and add things to them or take things out and make it your own.

 I clicked on podcasts and what i found there was great. Videos that you can use in your classroom as teaching tools on different subjects. I will most definitely be using Alex in my classroom. You can also find all of the Alabama content standards. This site can be used for so much and it will be my future friend. Wow, just when I thought i had found all that I could I see that they even have ways of incorporating blogging into the classroom.

ACCESS is a distance learning tool. You can use it if you are struggling in a class or even in college. You can use it to improve student achievement in more than one way. It has test prep on it, offers college credits, and so much more. I believe that this is a tool that needs to be announced in all high schools and students should start learning to use it and let it help them in areas of weakness and benefit their strengths.
I graduated in nineteen ninety six and I wish that we would have had something as this to use for tests and study and college credits. it's amazing what technology has to offer now that i never had. I must say that I have really enjoyed this blog because I will be using these two sites in my future.

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