Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comments For Teachers Summary Post # 4 (part 1 and 2)

I commented on John Burrows blog. The first comment was on the link that Dr. Strange gave us and teh second was on the new site at . Here you will find his work along with his students work as well. The blogs that were chosen for me to comment on had few words with them. With art work you don't need many words because artwork tells a story in it's own and everyone that looks at the same picture can have their own story. After reading several blogs on this site I learned that people paint for many different reasons. A few are money, talent, loneliness, anger, enjoyment and so many more. I believe this is why no two pictures are exact because they come from the heart.

This blog had several pictures representing different important things about Black history and each one was very unique. I commented on this group of pictures.

Hi my name is Lara Bishop and I am an EDM 310 student at the University Of South Alabama . Black history month is a very important part of history and the past and I love each piece and what it represents. I could never pick one piece of art work out of the five here because they each represent a different aspect of black history and they all play an important role in history.

My second post was on the picture below of a coke bottle. My comment hasn't been approved yet so you can't see it on the post. This picture is so real looking and is awesome work. i love how it's centered and the colors he chose makes it look real. I think this piece could be a piece that he could sell and see in a gallery one day. With work like this he is sure to be recognized for his work one day. 

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