Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Post 2

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 Did You Know 3.0 by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod
  Wow! This video shocked me a little bit. I would have never imagined that China would one day become the most English speaking country. This in itself is enough to prove that we need to step up our school systems. This video proves that technology is rapidly changing the world that we live in. Not only is the technology growing but also the population around us. This video made me reflect back to my high school years. As I sit here I can remember a huge copy machine, a squeaky projector being rolled in the front of the room and pagers. That was the extent of our technology in the nineties. Oh, don’t let me forget the Apple computer. Technology has definitely changed in the fifteen years that I have been out of school. This video really proved to me that technology in the classroom is important.

Mr. Winkle Sleeps
  This video was very creative and cute and took you straight to the point it was trying to make. Our school systems haven't advanced in technology the way that other businesses has.It seems as if the school board is behind in times and has been taking naps with Mr. Winkle. Technology in the school has come along way but there is still so much need for improvement as Mr. Winkle tells us in this video. Before this class I never really sat down and thought about how I would use technology in the classroom and now I have thought of many ways. I also have a new respect for technology and how it can stir up creativity and fun in learning.Now as a teacher I hope to use as much technology as I can get my hands on.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity 
  Every child begins at a small age using imagination. It's imagination that leads to creativity and then to learning. Creativity is a very important tool in the learning process. As teachers it is our job to look for creativity in our students and to add creativity in our structure of teaching. We can start with our class decorations. Students can learn from everything we use to decorate our classrooms. We should add creativity in our lesson plans, our recreation and in our technology that we use.
  I am a firm believer that children do suffer from ADD and ADHD and they do need medication. I also believe that these medications are a quick fix to something that may not even be present. To many doctors and parents are rushing to diagnose without exploring the creativity first. Therefore as teachers I think we should be careful to not point out these children and label them. Instead let's explore some and get to know them and see what this creativity and imagination will lead us. 

Cecelia Gault (Young Student in Finland) Interviews Sir Ken Robinson 
  This blog was so true in many ways. I believe that you have to have a great connection with parents in order to have the students performance rise. Parents have to work with the child at home and care what the child is doing at school. I believe that changing the curriculum would be an amazing step to better education. Other countries push their students to learn more and faster. Adding computers to all learning would widen the grasp of learning. There is so much to learn by computers if shown the proper way. The blog also mentioned community help. When the community supports a school  they do it in many ways. They can financially support the school which helps in more learning materials and they can stand behind the school and support them in other ways as well. In the interview he talks about creativity and stresses that everyone has creativity and I agree. We have to open the possibilities to all creativity. I know in the upcoming years our education standards will change drastically.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Mrs. Davis is a great role model to these students and has given them so much by teaching them so much about technology. In the future technology will be a part of each and everything that we do. I want to teach technology to my students and help open up doors that could never be opened without the use of technology. I am proud to be a part of EDM 310 because I have already learned so much and so excited about learning a lot more. I want to share this wisdom with my students one day.

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                    Do you think this is true... Hmm Maybe, Maybe Not! What do you think!


  1. "Therefore as teachers I think we should be careful to point out these children and label them. Instead " I think you left out a not in this sentence.

    Computers and other educational technologies are merely tools. We must use them effective;y and wisely.

  2. Thanks Mr. Strange for correcting that for me. I agree that computers are tools but the more I learn they can be very fun tools. Haha

  3. I Love your responses! I too remember the flip switch projectors and the roll down white boards. If you would like to take a glance at my post, I had a strong opinion towards technology in schools. I guess I believe everything in moderation, but that schools probably first need to stick with basic principles then introduce the use of technology later. Hope you are enjoying the class! Good Luck!