Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Post 6

The Networked Student
The idea of a networked student has some positive and negative things about it. One positive thing is students will be technologically advanced and where they need to be when they graduate and not lost in this world of rapid change. They will also have a world of possibilities to research and explore many areas of study. There are also negative things with every positive and with the networked student one negative would be the one on one attention from a teacher.Students will always need a teacher to be there for guidance and help.Therefore, I believe that in many ways we can combine the networked student and the teacher and have a wonderful combination. Sure we can throw the books out and depend on technology but we always need that teacher there to back us if anything fails. I believe that a teachers role will always be more important than any computer. I am so excited to build my personal learning network and use it in the rest of my education and career.

A 7th graders personal learning environment (PLN)
What a wonderful introduction to the Pln from this seventh grade student. I am so convinced that she will always be organized. Before this blog I had never heard about this before. What an amazing tool to use to learn entertain and organize. This makes me want to make one now for my personal use and to use in my classroom. I love how this student mentioned that she has her work, games and even facebook on it. She stresses that it can distract you but you have to make choices to be responsible and that is with life and school and everything. So I agree that it helps students schedule there work around play. Thats still hard for me to do so you go girl! So ready for mine now! Wow

Smart Boards
I am so confused at this point about the smart board because they can be looked at from all types of views. I myself believe that the smart board can only do as much as the teacher is willing to let it do. So sure they can be boring and useless if the teacher treats it that way. Ferriter and Staton really made me doubt the smart board in many ways. After our project in class using one I hope to come to my own opinion about them. I went and researched smart boards and everything that I found was so much fun and interesting and really kept the students wanting more. I believe that teachers need to learn more about the smart board and not let one teachers judgment ruin it for all.As an upcoming teacher I hope to have the oppurtunity to use a smart board in my curriculum.


  1. Lara,
    I agree with you that a teacher is a very important aspect of a students learning experience, so using computers to do everything could cause less student to teacher communications. But the students need the teacher to show them what is academically credible and what is not, so the teacher still has involvement. And I am right there with you on the smartboard debate. I think that they will be an amazing tool once I learn to use them. But for now I have no clue how they work, so I'm waiting to work with one first hand before I make any assumptions.

  2. Now that you have completed your smartboard project, how do you feel about it? I loved your enthusiasm about the PLN... I can't wait until you get your own class room-- you and your whole group as a matter of fact. Your excitement and willingness to learn makes me want to be in the neighboring classroom. What grade do you want to teach?

  3. Anthony,
    I am excited about learning more about the smartboard and can't wait to have my own classroom and share it with my student's. The PLN is so helpful and I am grateful to EDM 310 for introducing me to it. Thanks for all of your help, It's because of people like you that make this class so interesting and fun and I know I can always count on you top help. It would be awesome to one day have the oppurtunity to be in the same school as you. I guess we never know. I think I want to teach 2nd grade, but still exploring.