Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summary Post C4T #1

C4T # 1 
               I read Teacher Toms blog, "More Golden Oldies". Teacher Tom is a preschool teacher and most of his blogs are about his students or his classroom. In this particular one he wrote about someone donating several used toys to his classroom. He speaks of many ways that they incorporate the toys into the class and how interested the children are to play with the toys regardless of the fact that they are used. He proves in this blog that old toys and objects can be used in a classroom setting to learn and to also bring out imagination in both the student and the child.                
I replied to this blog because after I read it I could relate in many different ways. I informed him that I to have worked in a preschool and taught K-4. His post brought back so many memories of my teaching experience and how I myself used old toys and objects in creative ways to teach students. We always visited a resource room and bought recycled goods to bring into the classroom such as lids, carpet pieces, wood blocks, paper, etc. We then had to go into the classroom and make learning tools or let the children use these things as crafts. This allowed the teacher and the student to open their minds to imagination. I am so glad that I was assigned to teacher Toms blog because it brings back so many memories and makes me remember just why I want to be a teacher.

C4T #2
Teacher Toms blog, “Loving Them to Pieces”, talked about boxes in the preschool classroom. He also uses them to make recyclable parts collages on. This blog was very short but was enough to prove that it don’t take much when working with children to awaken their imagination. The picture above is the collage he made in class.

 I replied to this blog reminding him that I too worked with preschool children and that we also used boxes in the classroom. We have painted them and made boats, houses, and anything that the children wanted to make. I loved using the boxes in my classroom and so did the children. I plan on making the collages in my class as a teacher to encourage art and recycling. Many artist use different things to create art and we never know when we will have a future artist in our classroom

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