Monday, February 28, 2011

Project #7 Comments For Kids

I discovered a lot while commenting on kids from other countries. I think it’s awesome their classroom has access to blogs. Below I will tell you about each student and reveal to you our blogs and comments. So comment on ours and tell me what you think.

My first student was Rhys and lives in Cananda, His teacher is  Mrs. Lurgins.

                                             Ski Trip
skiing at asessippi was funny.It was funny because one time when i was going down the hill to this icey trail mackenzie was be side me then he feel and i was going all pro. then this other time every one was going down this icey trail and at the end every one fell and it was soooo funny.At the end though i had a very great and funny time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  

My Comment to Rhys
I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile Alabama and one of my assignments is to comment on your blog and get to know you, where you are from, what school you go to and anything that you are comfortable telling me. My name is Lara Bishop and I have children in school as well. My daughter is in 9th grade and my son is in 10th. Being a mother I know how exciting this ski trip must have been for you. I have never had the chance to wear a pair of snow skis but I did tube once and that was fantastic. I am glad to see that you had a blast and that you felt like a pro and all, well until your big fall. I wish you luck in all of your studies and I hope that learning will be as fun as the trip above for you.
I made a mistake and commented on the same student again but chose a new blog and didn’t realize this until today so my next blog is from Rhy also.
                                  Underground to Canada
In the last chapter Adam dies and Lester makes it to Canada. Adam dies because of the chains on his ankles.the chains on his ankles were tight on his ankles and made them bleed and he couldn’t walk.My favourite part in the book is the part where they hve to hide from the copes and the masters.Now heres the part where you say “what happend to Julily and liza” well I can’t tell you, you have to read the book to find out. The thing I don’t like about the book is the beggining because it’s confusing it makes now sense well to me eneny way.I give this book 4 stars because it was confusing to me but some people will give it 5 stars because they understanded it more then me. well that’s all i’m going to tell you read the book it’s good.
My name is Lara Bishop and I am assuming your name is Rhy. I have been excited about receiving a reply from my last comment. So far I haven’t received anything but I just know after this one I will hear from you. You can visit my blog or you can comment right here on your own blog. By visiting my blog you can get to know some about me. You can click here to find my blog On my blog you will see that I have 2 children myself. They are 14 and 17 and are both in high school. They both enjoy reading as I see you are a reader too. It excites me to see a child your age read. The reason I am telling you all of this is because I believe that education is the most important part of your life. Reading is a huge part of education. Reading teaches you new vocabulary as well as teaches you comprehension. I see above that you are having trouble understanding some of the book you just read. Don’t give up because with every book you read you will get better at understanding. Reading is also fun and can take you anywhere you want to go so when you read let your imagination take you anywhere you want to be. Your blog above really makes me want to get this book and read it. It seems like an awesome book. So looks like I will be finding our for myself what happened to Julily and Liza. Now don’t forget to read, read and read some more and comment back.

My last student to comment on is Rauf and is in 5th grade at Pt. England School in Auckland N.J. 

  The Holiday
Diving into a lake I found out it was too deep for me to swim in so I quickly jumped on my board and paddled back. I was at the sand dunes.
After that I hopped out of the water, ran up a hill and then I ate.
Slowly walking back to the lake I saw a bridge that had some people bombing and flipping off. Later on I asked my Mum if I could go play on the bridge too. She said, "You can go soon", so I went and played with my brothers and sister in the water. Finally I got to run to the bridge and jump off it.
After a fun day at the sand dunes we packed up and walked to our car. I had lots of fun jumping off the bridge and diving into the water too.

Well Hello Rauf, My name is Lara Bishop and I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am studying education. One of my assignments was to blog on your page so here I am and I am glad that I was assigned you because I love to swim to so we have something in common and jumping off of something is one of my favorites.Your day at the lake seemed really awesome but more than that your writing is awesome and you should keep that up. You can write things that you have done or even do things that you want to do and use your imagination. You can visit my blog and see that I will post a blog about your blog on my page for other students to see as well.


  1. Thanks for the advise I will try to keep improving in my writing.It was a fun day at the lake.From Rauf

  2. Your welcome Rauf. I am so excited that you commented back. Writing is a wonderful thing and I hope to write a book one day and maybe you can read it. So tell me about the different types of technology in your classroom.

  3. Hi Lara this is Bobbi-Grace from Pt england school I would like to Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it. I also reckon that it is cool having our own individual blogs and has been great to see what other people around the world think of our writting.
    From Bobbi-Grace