Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Post # 7

Randy Pausch has a wonderful story and I encourage everyone to go watch this video at . He began his journey with the fact that he is terminally ill and has tumors and has only a few months to live. If he wouldn't have spoke a word of it I never would have guessed. His physical appearance would never give you that idea and the enthusiasm that he shows is not what you would expect form someone so sick. This from the beginning proves his passion for life and education. He began his lecture listing his dreams and I was thinking ok where will he go with this. He proved that we all have dreams and goals and no matter how simple they are all very important and even when we don't achieve the dream we do achieve experience.
This lecture really made me want to work harder as a teacher to add fun and creativity. I love what Pausch said about not giving up on someone. In my past no one gave up on me and thats a blessing because we all need people to keep us going and help us keep our head high. I want to be this type of teacher to always stay right behind my students and helping them along the way and who knows maybe in the future they will remember that about me. Pausch will forever remember his football coach because of this.
Pausch continues by telling how he said next I can help other children achieve their childhood dreams. I love how he not only worried about his dreams but also others. He was a teacher that pushed you to believe that the impossible can happen.
 He believed in surprising others and making other people smile so he began a class where students can use their imagination and technology and make people smile and laugh and get excited about things. Pausch said that the course helped in bonding with each other. He believed that the world was good if people were standing close to each other. This is so true and it made me think of how close our world is today. Our world has lost that bonding and many are all about helping themselves and I love how Pausch was the type of teacher to help others.
The creativity that Pausch believed in while teaching is exactly how I feel about being a teacher. I want to have fun and have creativity in my classroom as I believe that will help the student stay engaged and learn more. Dr. Strange I want to thank you for introducing me to Pausch because I now have a teacher to look up to and strive to be like him. I want to teach edutainment just like he did and have fun while learning. He was a man that taught about loyalty, fun, excitement, creativity and never giving up on yourself or each other. Another great link for the last lecture is
To know that you have a terminal illness would make many think about themselves and only themselves and their family but he didn't. He still believed in others and inspired them, even by leaving this legacy of his last lecture. To top it off he ended his lecture with a surprise for his wife. What a heart! Thanks Randy Pausch!


  1. Hi Lara I like your insight about Pausch's story. You talked about Pausch physical appearance and how enthusiastic he is about his dreams and the dreams of others despite his illness. This is what makes Pausch so phenomenal,focusing on others and believing that all dreams can be achieved. I agree he does have a passion for life and education. I like what you wrote saying he proved that we all have dreams and goals, and that all dreams are important no matter how simple they are. As a future teacher I will always remember this with my students.

  2. Hi, Laura!

    How Randy Pausch taught is just as important as how he led his life!

    - Allie