Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Post # 8

Richard E Miller This Is How We Dream Part 1 & 2 By: Richard Miller

Richard Miller, an English teacher at at Rutgers University was inspired at an early age by his home being filled with books and he loved reading them. His lecture emphasizes the speed of technology in our world today. As teachers we need to wake up and realize that change is appraoching fast and it is our job to keep up and learn all that we can to pass on to our students and classroom. The more we learn the more we can give back to our classroom. Just the fact that in three days his video reached nine thousand views is proof that technology is being used more now than ever.
Am I prepared to to write with multimedia?
Before I started this class I would say No. But now I would say that I am almost there thanks to EDM 310. I am now on board with technology and have worked up the courage to try and learn more and dig deeper. I can't teach my students to do something unless I know how to do it. So Yes I am now ready and excited to learn more.
Will my students be able to do this?
Yes they will because I am and I will do what it takes to pass it on to them. Kids are now introduced to so much technology at an early age so they are more adapt to learn faster. It also takes imagination when using it in the classroom. Our jobs as teachers is to present the new technology in a fun and interesting way so they will be ready to learn.
Miller inspired me in many ways by showing us how much technology is changing and it is only evident in EDM that this is true because we never open a book and have learned so much.

Chipper and EDM 310 for Dummies By: EDM 310

Chipper is a student that argues that procrastination is when you can still turn your work in late and still get it done. After watching the entire video you can see that Chipper completes nothing in life because of this. We have to work for what we get in life and this class is a great example of that. EDM 310 requires nine hours so the syllabus states. I can assure you I spend more time than that in this class and still feel like I sometimes don't do a great job. It's amusing how Chipper wants to be taught so she doesn't have to learn but wants to be a teacher some day. Wow! You have to continue learning throughout your career to be able to teach and give back to your students. The video was a great idea because it really made me think of how your life really does follow you so we have to strive to do things right and set an example. 
EDM 310 For Dummies is a book that we all need in this class and the video was exactly how me and a few of my group members have wanted to act about the class. I love how the video suddenly changed to the things that EDM has taught through all of the confusion. This is so me I have been so overwhelmed by life and work and school and assignments in this class but when I have done them and it's time to turn them in I feel so good and know that I now have something to offer my students that I wouldn't have before the class. In order to graduate we all have to take this class so we need to put forth our energy and do the best that we can and let it help us for our future in education.I am thankful for EDM 310 and Dr. Strange and all of the lad associates that have helped me make it this far. A special thanks to Anthony Capps who is always there lending a hand and giving us encouraging words to make it through. He has motivated me so much to finish my assignments and keep pushing through when things seem to get tough. Thanks EDM for helping me adapt to the new age of things. 

Learn to Change, Change to Learn  By: The Pearson Foundation

In this video many different educators share opinions on one similar idea and that is technology in our children's lives. " We have a classroom system when we should have a community system", is one of the many quotes used in this video and it really stood out to me. Our kids live as a community texting, chatting, emailing, facebook, myspace, youtube, and many more. But the school system takes the community out of learning. There is so much that we as communities can teach each other. Our students love technology and use it at home. Why not give it to them in the classroom. Instead these things are banned in the classroom.
Technology is not choice we have to have it now because the world revolves around it.
In EDM 310 I have had to change to learn and learn new things and from that I have learned so much. Change is not always bad it can be good and can be a learning tool in life no matter what change we have to make and as teachers I believe that change will be something that will face us forever. So let's all change to learn together and be better equipped teachers of the future.

The Secret Powers Of Time By: Professor Philip Zimbardo

Time is the secret to life for many reasons. We are always in a hurry and rush things when we should enjoy life. The first part of the video is so true people reflect on their lives in many different ways. People dwell on many different things in life and we have to move forward and not look back and create our own world.
I agree that our children especially guys are letting video games ruin their minds. I believe that there can be an unhealthy relationship with video games. I have a nephew that has no social skills and lives behind a tv screen and video game. I also believe that video games can be healthy as well and it is the parents job to monitor these activities. I still believe that technology in our classroom is a great addition to our school system.
The stats on family meals really surprised me. This is such an important part in family success. No matter how busy I get I will alway make sure that family time comes first.

Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us By: Dan Pink

I am a firm believer that what we do for free to help others is much more important than anything that we do to for money. Sure being paid is great and we need it but knowing that we have made a difference in the world is worth more than money. I want to work hard as a teacher to make a difference in lives not just to make a paycheck. For an example, My major was nursing because I wanted to make good money but in my heart I longed to be a teacher and make a difference in a child's life. I quickly changed my major and let the better paying career go. 
I love when he said that people will work for free when they love what they do because they want to get better. They will also work other jobs for pay and do more work for free to do something that they think is making a contribution. In life we tend to be driven by doing good things for others. I know that I am. The above video is something I found that is similar to what Dan Pink was saying.


  1. Hey Lara, how are you? I know exactly where your coming from when you were talking about being overwhelmed at the beginning of this class. I have always been a big procrastinator and I even find myself sometimes trying to wait until the last minute in this class...NOT A GOOD THING TO DO! This class has helped me learn so much from managing my time better to podcasting. I do think this is an important class because as a future educator we need to be up to date on all tools available to us to better teach our students. The lab assistants have been an absolute life saver and always so sweet. Anthony does have a way of making everything positive, even when your completely lost! I commend you for being a full time student, Mom, and employee because those three things are very time consuming and leaving hardly anytime for yourself, but I am sure it will all be worth it in the end! :)

  2. What motivates us? You have added an important element: other people. If you haven't thanked Anthony in person, do so. We all like feedback.