Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comments for Teachers #2

The teacher that I commented on was Travis Allen. He is a 21st century student that talks about how technology is improving education. In the first blog that I commented on he is talking about Ipads being a distraction in the classroom. He isnt saying that they are but he is telling how others complain about them.He uses the example that anything can be a distraction in the classroom and uses a pencil as a demonstration. Students doodle in all classes. On tables, papers, bookbags, desks, and even themselves. Everyone will get bored at some point especially if the teacher don't do his job to keep them engaged in class.
I commented and agreed because I myself find myself doodling in class if I get bored or drawing etc. We have to stay engaged in learning and that takes the help of our teachers. I believe with anything comes responsibility and if you choose to learn you will and if not then you won't.
His second post was about his first impressions of Ipads. It was a pretty short post but he had pictures and talked about how you can take notes.make flash cards and stay organized with the Ipad. I commented and said that I believe that having Ipads woul dhelp classrooms and how my daughter has her books in high school at home on the computer.

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