Sunday, March 27, 2011

Comments for kids 4-6

My C4K # 4 was a child from Mr Stephen Wolfe's class in Birmingham, Alabama. This is the closest child that I have commented on so far. I'm not sure it the children wasn't allowed to use there name but I never found a name on the blog. The blog was sad because the child was having a bad day and nothing was going the way that it should. The best thing about the blog was the teacher was paying attention and read it and told the child sorry for making the day worse in math. Even children have bad days where it seems everything just goes wrong and as teachers it is our responsibility to try and engage that child in things that will change the day and make it better if possible. I responded and said that I too had bad days sometimes and no matter who we are or our age that we all have our bad days, but it's how we keep our head high and work through them that matter the most. I tried to use encouragement to brighten the day!

My C4K #5 was Bobbie Grace in her 8th year of school at Pt England School in Mrs. Nua's class in classroom 20. Her Blog was about how to put a tent up and she went through every detail of how to do it. I responded to her blog telling her how she inspired me because in my Edm class I also had to teach someone to do something. Being nervous about the project seemed silly after I saw that she could do it and was brave. 

My C4K #6 was Micaela in Mrs Ms. Engalhards class. Micaela wrote a story called Zannaiahs journey and it was incredible. She wasn't finished with it and the way she ended it left you hanging but wanting more. I will be sure to go back and read it. Below I will share it with you because its just that great and she deserves more comments. I commented and let her know how much I enjoyed her writing and how well I thought she wrote. I also encouraged her to never stop writing because it will open many doors in the future. 
Zanniah was staring at a tall, shadowy figure.  “Zanniah,” she said, “You must travel to five of the ten dimensions to save them.  You are their only hope.  Even I cannot go beyond the border of this dimension.  Only you can save the world.”  Then she began repeating ”Only you can save the world.”  That was the last thing Zanniah heard before the mysterious person vanished into nothing as she awoke from her sleep.    That was the fifth night in a row she had had that dream.  She knew she had to do something.  It was a Saturday morning, when Zanniah was awakened from a sound sleep by the early morning sunshine.  She blinked as the golden light glinted in her eyes.  Then she scrambled out of bed and raced to her dresser to put on clean cloths.  She couldn’t wait to go outside.  She had been digging a huge hole and was eager to work on it again.  As she scrambled down the stairs and gulped down her breakfast, she thought about finally, after a whole week of dreams, getting her hands on her trusty shovel.  Then she told the mother she never had that she was leaving as she dashed out the door of the broken down house that she lived in.  She had no parents and the only thing she liked to do with her life was dig holes.  She didn’t know why, but she felt like the holes were the answer to the dreams.  “If there is something I have to do, this must be it,” she thought.
She ran all the way to the wash and started digging.  After only half of an hour, her shovel punched through the dirt into hollow space.  Quickly, Zanniah dug out the rest of the earth covering the hole.  Then, without a second thought, she jumped into the hole.  It looked like an ancient mansion, but it was not crumbling or falling apart.  She walked down a long, angular hallway that was painted a color that Zanniah thought didn’t have a name.  It looked sort of like mustard, only a tad bit more golden.
As Zanniah pause to consider these things, a huge wave flooded into the hall.  It swept Zanniah up and plunged her under into it’s current.  Zanniah was gasping for air, flailing her arms and legs against the current, but it was useless.  Just as Zanniah thought she would drown, the water flowed into another room, leaving her near a doorway.
Zanniah crept through, and then she saw that only a few feet away, was the top of a beautiful water slide that looked just like a river with a water fall.  It ended in what looked like island paradise.  Zanniah couldn’t resist, she slid all the way down the water slide, feeling the cool water slosh against her body.  She could hear different song birds twittering peacefully.  It felt purely wonderful.  When she was at the bottom, she stepped out.  After only a few steps, she was greeted by to by two boys bouncing with energy.  The taller of the two looked about her age; the other looked about six years old.  “Hi,” said the older boy,”My name’s Matthew, and this is my brother Andrew, but you can call us Matt and Andy.”
“Let us take you to our mother,” said Andy.  I don’t think she’s had any visitors since before my brother was born.  I’m sure she’ll be glad to have you here.”
Zanniah was totally taken aback, but she followed them nonetheless.  When the group reached the boys’ mother, Zanniah stared.  Their mother was the most beautiful person she had ever seen.  Her hair was wavy and black as the night sky.Her brown eyes twinkled in the sunlight.  She looked to be in her thirties.  She indeed looked glad to see her.  It looked like she might fall over.  After she got herself together, she said,”Hello, my name is Agitha.  Come with me, there is something I must tell you.”
Stay tuned to find out what Agitha has to say.

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